‘Burn the Other Cheek’ at Ben’s Canteen

Billy Franks ‘Burn the Other Cheek’ award winning Texan chilli. 2012’s @MaltbyStMkt Texan Road Kill Chilli Champion & the runner up @Tweat_up 2012 UK Chilli Stand Off is coming to Ben’s Canteen for one night only on Sunday February 24th.

When Mac Met Cheese? Pop (up) To The Shop And See

Who & Where? When Mac Met Cheese of Camden Market is about to pop-up at NW10’s The Shop! If you have read my blogs you will know my Lauren is dead keen on Mac n Cheese! She is pretty good at making it too and we are often craving various delights from the simple Kraft […]

Nonna Rosa

Being invited to check out a restaurant for whatever reason is always a pleasure. Whether it’s a new launch, a new event or in this case a new menu and revamp of a local establishment that has been there for many a year. Usually Lauren and I can travel to and from these venues with […]

Groupon Down… The Price Is Right! At Coco Bamboo

Groupon I am pretty sure most, if not all of you have now at least heard of Groupon. In fact I’d like to think most have used them at some point over the last few years, I know I have. In fact since I first heard about them some time ago (launched in November 2008, […]

The World’s Most Luxurious Omelette: Picollino, Broadgate

‘Egg-ceptional’ Omelette Unveiled at Broadgate That is exactly what the email said when I received it from the good people at Broadgate. Sorry, good is much too light a compliment actually, let me say that they were really great! Out of the blue I was told all about this ‘Egg-ceptional’ Omelette and asked if I […]

Who Killed Bambi? Carl Clarke Disco Bistro Killed It – Cornish Grill Style

Where to start? Well I’ll start with the main man of the day, Carl Clarke AKA the Disco Bistro and current UK Chilli Stand Off Champion who was asked to do the Cornish Grill for February. What is the Cornish Grill you may ask? Well it is a monthly Sunday roast event at Redhook London […]

Join The Queue,The Pitt Cue (Co)

Not too long ago I wrote a review, and within its title were the words “Believe the Hype“. I am now feeling a strong sense of déjà vu as I finally get a chance to tell you about Pitt Cue Co. The similarities with my article ‘Meat Liquor: Believe The Hype‘ and this one start […]

Lucky Chip: My Top 3 2011

Lucky Chip: My Top 3 of 2011 Well if you have not heard of Ben’s weekly burger specials at his Lucky Chip burger trailer (www.luckychipuk.com) I am sorry to hear this. If you have not tried one, then let me add on top of this the highest of sympathy for you as well. On top, […]

Backdoor Kitchen: Tapas Supper Club

A secret foodie extravaganza Over the last year or so I have been seeing and reading about various culinary nights involving a bunch of strangers and a host’s house. These things, for me anyway, started to appear on my radar during trips to New York City and then again while I returned to London. The […]

Meat Liquor: Believe The Hype

A New York rap group called Public Enemy once sang “Don’t believe the hype”. I remember this anthem from back in the day and even now some 24 years on since its release, the song still has a huge nostalgia effect on me. Not so much about the political stance that Chuck D, Flavor Flav, […]