Jonathan Ward for Douwe Egberts: A unique Partnership to ignite the Ground Range

Jonathan Ward for Douwe Egberts

At the start of the year I put together an in-depth review called Coffee Time with Douwe Egberts New Range: My Top 3. I have since added another, Coffee Time With Carte Noire Instinct: A Wholebean Instant and now here is a third based coffee post with a unique difference.

This time, although again coming from the great people at Douwe Egberts, it is not all about the coffee time. I was once more very fortunate to be invited to an exclusive event by Douwe Egberts, it was also in partnership with Jonathan Ward. Jonathan Ward is an extremely passionate guy dedicated in making luxury candles and fragrances. Coffee and Candles I hear you ask? Yes that’s right, and together they are contributing to part of the £1m relaunch of the Douwe Egberts ground coffee range and major category re-vamp.

On the day I travelled down to Clapham North and found Jonathan’s wonderful little business unit where he produces all his candles, diffusers and packaging in house. Using only the best non-chemical and non-alcohol based fragrances from around the world and American imported highest quality wax, Jonathan Ward candles are put together by heating and treating the wax and pouring each individual product by hand in a staggered process. This giving each candle the best possible outcome for burning, wick positioning and just an all round expert finish. You can feel the love and dedication going on here. Watching demos of this and talking to Jonathan it really inspired me, as well and reminding me of my own hand crafting skills creating and producing my Billy Franks jerky.

On arrival at Jonathan’s base I was taken upstairs, past the huge stocks of glass bottles, bags of wax (freshly imported in that day), hundreds of diffusers and fragrances. Once upstairs I was given a glass of bubbly and introduced to the Douwe Egberts representative and of course to Jonathan Ward himself. Our tour then started back down stairs and we were given a great in depth talk into how the business began, how it is run and more importantly all about the ingredients and raw materials used for these fine luxury products.

Jonathan Ward for Douwe Egberts

Jonathan Ward for Douwe Egberts

Jonathan then took extra time to unbox and display one of his proudest pieces of work. This special diffuser is part of the Russian range and the Kartushya Fragranced Diffuser. A decadently-spiced fragrance inspired by the love songs Russian soldiers would sing. The Kartushya fragranced oil, reed diffuser is a heady mix of Birch Leaf, Elemi Cognac, Rosemary and Amber.

Jonathan Ward for Douwe Egberts

Next we went back upstairs and were treated to a quick display on how to actually pour the melted wax into the candle holders. The wax was already pre-heated and melted at the correct temperature in a large machine. It was ready to seed and be poured out of a glass jug. The holder was in place along with a wick inside, the temperature checked and then gradually a first layer of liquid wax was poured in. This process would be repeated 3 or 4 times, each time a short rest would proceed to allow the wax to harden just enough to hold the wick in place and allow the next layer to settle and be poured on top to maintain a level consistency throughout the candle.

Jonathan Ward for Douwe Egberts

The final part of the tour was the real reason why I was here. To find out exactly what Douwe Egberts and Jonathan Ward were actually doing together. Yes I know a limited edition candle was created. But why and how? Now that was what I really had an interest in. So here we go, Jonathan explained the concept of how he was approached and then worked in collaboration with the coffee makers, whom date back to 1753, in order to establish a correct balance of fragrances and perfumes that represent Douwe Egberts in a one-off luxury artisan candle.

Jonathan had explored the humble beginnings of the Douwe Egberts coffee shop, looking to capture the nostalgic and seductive aroma of the shelves from the very first store opened in Midstreet, Joure, The Netherlands. Jonathan explains…

“When creating the evocative scent I imagined years of spilled coffee grains and tobacco notes infused into the hand crafted woods.”

The candle captures a full scent of roasted coffee beans, dried tea, dried fruits & sugar on top. It then has a middle of Sweet syrupy molasses, saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, sandalwood & tobacco. The base finishes with olibanum, cedarwood, guiacwood, vanilla bean, caramel, patchouli, amberwood & cashmere musk.

The limited edition candle is contained in the finest Italian cut glass crystal and packaged in a rich espresso brown and gold embossed box. A great concept added to this, that we were lucky enough to witness, was using a mould of the very original wax stamp used by Douwe Egberts back in 1925 to seal each box by hand.

Jonathan Ward for Douwe Egberts

Corrine Hopwood, UK Marketing Director at Douwe Egberts comments:

“We wanted to bring to life and celebrate the unique heritage of the Douwe Egberts brand but with a modern twist and the partnership with Jonathan Ward London is a natural fit. Not only do we have a new product that represents the brand in a distinctive way, drawing on our heritage, but it allows us to operate in a new luxury consumer market.”

Jonathan Ward adds:

“It has been extremely exciting to work with a brand, which like mine, represents quality. I was completely inspired when looking at the history of Douwe Egberts and am excited to be launching a unique coffee aroma candle that is completely different to anything else currently on the market.”

Jonathan Ward for Douwe Egberts

Douwe Egberts

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