Blog Eat Blog – The Final, April 22nd 2012 @Vibe Bar, Brick Lane

**Update: “I WON!” – Check out my ‘This is JAM HOT

*Update: “arrive from 12, judging from 2-3 pm prize-giving at 4, fun til silly o clock”

You might have heard that over the last four weeks, each Sunday afternoon at The Vibe Bar on Brick Lane East London, has been holding a top competition. Well more of a top, topping competition by Abiye of Big Apple Hot Dogs to find out if A) Bloggers can actually cook and B) The best dam dawg topping there is!

You also may know and possibly of read Blog Eat Blog – The Final Heat (4) This IS JAM HOT – my own blog about my own entry in said competition, the last of the four #blogeatblog heats. Well the results are in and the final has been declared! I am there! As the ‘Tweeple’s Choice Winner’ along with my fellow heat 4 winner and a host of other great blogging chefs from the previous three weeks. They are as follows, all 9 finalists…

Abiye has just released the following statement from his Twitter account @BigAppleHotDogs :

“FINAL will hold 22/4 @vibebar and will be momentous. All are welcome. Come along and sample the best dogs ever!”

“(The) Final – can I just reassure you that I will be getting some help in organising the Final, so it will be less …disorganised”

“I have someone in mind to organise the final in order to do it justice – I want it to be unforgettable”

Here are all the winning DAWG TOPPINGS… Come see and taste them yourself on April 22nd @vibebar Bar, follow any of us for more details as well as, of course, the complete nutter who lives for his dog, and truly man’s best friend Abiye @BigAppleHotDogs

*Some pictures and information on all toppings have been borrowed from finalists websites… This is my disclaimer

Heat 1

Fergus Jackson @handtomouthblog – Turkish inspired slaw


Blog Eat Blog: Heat 1 - Hand to Mouth

Heat 2

Ian James @grobelaar – Callaloo & crab, pickled red onions and a fiery hot pepper sauce.


Blog Eat Blog: Heat 2 - @Grobelaar

Adam Van Den Bussche @adamvdb – Ketchup & Chip sticks (Homemade!)


Blog Eat Blog: Heat 2 - Ketchup and Chip Sticks

Heat 3

Chris Green @chrisgreen – Drunken onions cooked in 10year old single malt whisky, home pickled gherkins, ….. and crispy bacon bits


Blog Eat Blog: Heat 3 - Chris Green & Drunken Onions

Paul Lomax @PaulLomax – Poutine topping.
Home-made cheese curds, and a thick, rich gravy topped with crushed crisps


Blog Eat Blog: Heat 3 - PaulLomax & Poutine

Sam @steampie – bourbon soaked bacon jam, topped with the crispiest deep fried leeks


Blog Eat Blog: Heat 3 Steampie - Bourbon jam & crispy leeks

Rose @_RosieT – Chilli cheese…


Blog Eat Blog: Heat 3 - Rosie T - Chilli Cheese

The Communal “everything on” creation

Blog Eat Blog: Heat 3 - The Communal “everything on” creation

Heat 4

SmyChutney @SmyChutney – Apple & pink peppercorn chutney, fried onions & six-pepper jelly


  • Apple and Pepper chutney
  • Smy six-pepper jelly
  • Spanish onions fried in goose fat

Blog Eat Blog: Heat 4 - SmyChutney - Apply Chutney & Six Pepper Jelly

Will Yates @willyumscouk | @billyfrankscouk – This is JAM HOT

Website: |

Blog Eat blog: Heat 4 - Willyums - Jack Daniels Bacon Chorizo & Pineapple Jam, Nduja Nacho Cheese, Cider Fried Jalapeños & Billy franks Jerky Dust

So there you go – a rundown of ALL 9 DAWWWWGS :) Please come down to @vibebar and see Abiye @BigAppleHotDogs and try for yourself! Help be a part of the find for London’s BEST hot dog topping, have a beer, sunbath, listen to music and tweet your day away with new friends and all that jazz…

To follow updates please link up with any and all of us via twitter! See you April 22nd 2012 from 1pm (ish).

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