When Mac Met Cheese? Pop (up) To The Shop And See

Who & Where? When Mac Met Cheese of Camden Market is about to pop-up at NW10’s The Shop! If you have read my blogs you will know my Lauren is dead keen on Mac n Cheese! She is pretty good at making it too and we are often craving various delights from the simple Kraft […]

Who Killed Bambi? Carl Clarke Disco Bistro Killed It – Cornish Grill Style

Where to start? Well I’ll start with the main man of the day, Carl Clarke AKA the Disco Bistro and current UK Chilli Stand Off Champion who was asked to do the Cornish Grill for February. What is the Cornish Grill you may ask? Well it is a monthly Sunday roast event at Redhook London […]

Join The Queue,The Pitt Cue (Co)

Not too long ago I wrote a review, and within its title were the words “Believe the Hype“. I am now feeling a strong sense of déjà vu as I finally get a chance to tell you about Pitt Cue Co. The similarities with my article ‘Meat Liquor: Believe The Hype‘ and this one start […]

Sushi @ Haru on Wall Street, New York City

The best Sushi I have had in NYC was right under my nose! Located almost on the door step of my girlfriends old apartment on Wall Street, Haru sits right on the corner of #1 Wall Street Court. It is close to the famous Delmonicos steak house & of course for the sweet toothed lovers […]